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An end-to-end suite of tools to train, deploy, and improve NLP models fast.

Humanloop makes it easy for you to get annotated data, build NLP and scale deployments, so you can deliver on the promise of AI.

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Active learning, programmatic labeling, and best-in-class annotation tools get you labeled data in a fraction of the time.
Instantly deploy state of the art NLP models that scale, and guarantee accuracy with human-in-the-loop workflows.
Discover issues before your users do and feel confident your model will perform with Active Testing and our Data Debugger.

Getting labeled data has never been this easy

Your models are only as good as your data.

Our intelligent tools get you annotated data faster than any alternative on the market.


The powerful annotation tool for weak supervision.

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Annotation Teams

Best-in-class hosted annotation platform with team management features.

Team members

Active Learning

Speed up your labeling 10x by focusing on the challenging data for your model.

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Annotate data and train a model in minutes

Programmatic is the way to go for NLP projects. This is literally how I imagine humans working with AI, actively interacting with data and having instant feedback on how to rapidly iterate with models.

Henry Maguire

Data Scientist at Orbital Witness

Active Learning

Don’t wait for the perfect model to deploy

Deploy models quickly with confidence.

Models train as you label and are instantly deployed to our inference API. Our human-in-the-loop APIs guarantee performance and get you to market faster.

Human-in-the-loop deployment

Ensure quality predictions with imperfect models by setting up human review when the model is unsure.

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Auto Train

Get a model as quickly as possible and keep it up to date with our automatic retraining process.

Continuous retraining


Easily deploy models with our autoscaling GPU cluser, so you can focus on your business.

Model API response

Annotate data and train a model in minutes

We’ve experimented with OpenAI’s GPT-3 API and we just couldn’t get reliable results. With Humanloop we got a great model and deployed it in the time it would have taken us just to get labeled data with any other tool.

Neel Patel

Head of Product at Datanautix

Auto Train

Models that continuously improve over time

Your data evolves and your model should too. Our tools make it easy to find issues before your users do and be confident your model will perform.

Active Testing

To enable you to trust your models, Active Testing gives you meaningful estimates of model performance from small amounts of labeled data.

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Model improvement graph with confidence bounds

Data Debugger

Our data debugger finds likely misannotations and areas of your dataset where your model is weak.

Data debugger