Announcing Programmatic 4.0

Raza Habib

Programmatic labeling makes it possible to get thousands of annotated data points really quickly, but most domain experts aren't comfortable writing code for labeling functions.

That's why we're really excited to announce Programmatic 4.0 with support for No-Code Templates — simple UI-based labeling functions that anyone can understand even if they don't know how to program.

Key Features


Pre-built Templates

Programmatic now comes with no-code templates for common use-cases.

You can classify documents using keyword rules or tag words for NER by checking for their presence in an existing dictionary. We've even included common dictionaries and gazetteers.


Sometimes it's easier to give an example of a class than provide a rule. The Vector Similarity Template makes this simple.

Provide an example sentence and a similarity threshold and Programmatic will label all the documents with similar meaning.


Custom Templates Builder

You can now easily customize the UI to add your own no-code templates. Save them for use later and share them with your team

Check out the docs

The latest Programmatic release should make it much easier for data scientists and domain experts to collaborate on getting data. We look forward to hearing your feedback in Slack. You can get Programmatic 4.0 from the docs here.

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About the author

Raza Habib
Cofounder and CEO
Raza is the CEO and Cofounder at Humanloop. He was inspired to work on AI as “the most transformative technology in our lifetimes” after studying under Prof David Mackay while doing Physics at Cambridge. Raza was the founding engineer of Monolith AI – applying AI to mechanical engineering, and has built speech systems at Google AI. He is a PhD finalist in Machine Learning from UCL
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