Why I changed my mind about weak labeling for ML

Raza Habib

Weak labeling can replace manually annotated data with data created from heuristic rules written by domain experts. Here I want to explain what weak supervision is, what I learned and why I think it complements techniques like active learning for data annotation.

What is human-in-the-loop AI?

Jordan Burgess

Human-in-the-loop AI is an automation approach which means you can quickly deploy a working model, with less data and with guaranteed quality predictions. In this post we'll explain what HITL is and how you can make use of this approach in your own AI projects.

Why you should take a data first approach to AI

Raza Habib

Machine learning systems are born through the marriage of both code and data. Academia mostly focuses on ways to improve the learning algorithms, the how of machine learning. When you come to build practical AI systems though the dataset you're training on has at least as much impact on performance as the choice of algorithm.

What is an active learning platform?

Raza Habib

Data first ML Ops needs new kinds of tools. An Active Learning platform is a single tool that combines data annotation, model training and deployment in one continuous process.

How good is GPT-3 in practice?

Raza Habib

We discuss the real world performance of Open AI's GPT-3 language model and speculate on what the future of large pre-trained language models may hold.

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